Funky new look

It took us a week or two, but the, new design is ready..

It is designed by Sibrand Hoekstra in his free time, and I’m quite happy with it!.

Thanks very much! I hope the new design improves funk-, and legibility.

If you want contact siep, be sure to drop me a line, so i can forward it to him. Sadly he doesn’t have his portfolio finished (ever), but when he does I will link to it.

Web mentions


  • Krys


    Looking fancy! ;)
  • Aaron


    the 50's meets the web2.0... now where did I put my rollerskates
  • Luke van Blerk

    Nice design but there are some bugs in IE 6. In firefox it looks fine.

    1. The text boxes borders are very buggy. Only one or 2 sides display at a time.

    2. The tag cloud is obscured behind the backgrounds of the comments.
  • Evert


    Thanks luke.. to be honest I haven't checked everything as well in IE6 as I should have.. I'm going to see if I can fix those..

    On my workstation I only have IE7, which doesnt have the issues with the textboxes, but it does have the comment backgrounds rolling over the tagcloud.. So I'll put a few conditional css rules in there for IE6 and remove those backgrounds all together..

    Any suggestions on how to make the comment not span over the entire width of the page? (but keeping the stretchable design)
  • Evert


    Ok the textarea and inputfield backgrounds should be gone for IE6.. will test later and ask Sibrand about the comment-background