cron.daily scripts won't run

I just found the solution for my problem that some of the scripts in /etc/cron.daily would never run, and I thought i’d share it.

This might be really obvious for some of you, but I thought if I blog this with a clear title it might be of help for some other people as well. I had problems googling this myself, so here is my solution:

Apparently those scripts are not allowed to have extensions such as .sh or .php. when this is the case the scripts will simply be ignored.

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  • Sebastian


    Works like a charm here. Must be something else (are your files executable?)
  • epaulin


    It seems you running on Debian,
    #man run-parts

    It's a old dpkg bug.
  • Evert


    Yep, I am running debian..

    (yes, my files were executable)

    After updating that box the problem persists though..
  • Martin


    Thank you SO much, this quick fix made the script I spent hours picking over work.