I fixed home and end on OS/X terminal!

Wow, thats a relieve.. I switched to os/x 4 months ago, and everything is just great..

I must say, I needed a little bit time too get used to most of the things shiflet mentions. But after a few weeks, most of the annoyances he mentions are actually quite intuitive. Except not being able to tab to comboboxes, that is!

My biggest issue has been not being able to use 'end' and 'home' as usual.. especially when your ssh-ing into a linux box (I spend at least 75% of time on a given day on remote linux boxes) this is really annoying..

I actually got used to that after a while.. But now! I found the solution to this problem; and it can be found right here.

Next goal: getting page-up/page-down to work in a remote vim window as expected.