Keeping your home directory in subversion

When your working and developing on many boxes, either physical computers or SSH-ing into remote servers it can be quite cumbersome to manage all your settings..

So just recently I started using subversion for managing my home directory.. it works great! I can just update, and commit to the central server and I just keep an "svn update" in my .bash_profile. Always in sync!

And.. you get the added benefit of decentralized backups (since its checked out on multiple boxes) and you can revert to a previous version in case you screw up.

Among other things, the repository now contains:

  • .bash_profile
  • .bash_rc
  • All my VIM settings and plugins
  • My SSH settings
  • a public_html folder
  • A dev folder with svn:externals to my most worked-on projects
  • My .netrc
  • A (password protected) sym-link from the dev/ to the public_html/ folder
  • Random shit

So yea, I just wanted to share this thought for people who might be dealing with the same issues.