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Update: added some of the source code used.

As promised, I'll put up some links from last nights presentation.. If you attended, I hope I got the message across, and if you're hungry for more, be sure to check out fitc, where I will do a 1 hour version of the presentation..

  • Flowplayer - FlowPlayer is an open source, skinnable, very powerful flash video player..
  • FFMpeg - To my opinion, the best tool out there to convert your video to flv.

    Binaries for OS/X are included in FFMpegX, binaries for windows can be found in Riva FLV encoder. Most Linux distributions also have a pre-compiled ffmpeg package..

    Remember though! Only use those for testing purposes, if you want support and support for for example WMV3, you really should compile your own..
  • SWFUpload - An open source library to leverage Flash 8's multi-file upload from javascript.
  • On2 Flix - An expensive, commercially backed FLV encoder.. If using the latest flash video codec is important to you, look at this product.

And there's even a small piece of the presentation recorded....

Sorry, this video website no longer exists

handling uploads..

Note that these scripts all assume an .mpg extension..


    foreach($_FILES as $file) {

        $newFileName = 'uploads/original.mpg';



Simple conversion


    $ffmpegPath = '/Applications/';
    $input = 'uploads/original.mpg';
    $output = 'uploads/converted.flv';
    $result = `$ffmpegPath -y -i $input -ar 44100 $output 2> /tmp/ffmpeg_log`;


Slightly more advanced..

Adjusts the bitrate, height and width, and also generates a thumbnail.


    $ffmpegPath = '/Applications/';
    $input = 'uploads/original.mpg';
    $output = 'uploads/converted.flv';

    $output = 'uploads/thumb.jpg';
    $result = `$ffmpegPath -y -i $input -an -s 320x240  -f mjpeg -ss 0:2:0 -t 0:0:0.001 $output 2> /tmp/ffmpeg_log`;

    $output = 'uploads/converted.flv';
    $result = `$ffmpegPath -y -i $input -ar 44100 -b 320 -s 320x240 -ab 128 -acodec mp3 $output 2> /tmp/ffmpeg_log`;


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  • Manfred Weber

    Manfred Weber

    Looks like you gave a nice presentation. I recently had to write an article for the german php magazine about the ffmpeg extension ( ) and I started to love ffmpeg. Also the GD integration could not be better.
  • Adam


    It was a good presentation! Will you be posting the PHP files you used?
  • Evert


    Sure.. they were all pretty straightforward.. I'll update this post