SabreAMF 0.7

It's been crazy crazy busy at work, so sadly because of this I haven't been able to spend enough time on SabreAMF ..

Therefore, no new features.. just wanted to get this bugfix release out.

Hopefully after april, I'll be able to spend some time on my own projects again, including sabreamf..


  1. Changed ArrayCollection to allow pushing new items through [].
  2. Fixed a major bug in the AMF3 deserializer which would appear with multiple requests in the same http package.. (found by Kevin Koster)
  3. Fixed some PHP5.0.x compatibility problems (not a goal of the project, but this was long hanging fruit..
  4. Speed fix in SabreAMF_Server.. now using file_get_contents instead of fopen.. (found by Develar)
  5. Major speed improvements in the AMF3 deserializer.. This patch also came from Develar (thanks a lot for this one!).

Downloads can be found here.

Web mentions


  • macoo


    How can I see the demo?
  • Evert


    Well there's not much to demo when your talking about an rpc library.. uses it though..
  • Anonymous

  • Beau Scott

    Beau Scott

    How does this compare in speed to AMFPHP 1.9? I'm looking for a replacement for AMFPHP since it will no longer be maintained soon. Are there plans for a binary php extension as AMFPHP has?
  • Evert


    Hi Beau,

    The main reason SabreAMF was developed was because AMFPHP was very slow and because its such a tightly coupled framework, it was hard to remove features.. (best example is cakeamfphp, which is a fairly big project.. would be 1 class using sabreamf)

    I got a speed increase of about a factor of 3.. No hard numbers here though, and this was before the binary extension.

    As for integrating a binary extension myself, my plan was to actually use AMFPHP's extension and integrate it.. No timeline =)
  • marco


    c'est nul
  • Tanuvan


    Sabre certainly sounds interesting. I currently use AMFPHP 1.9, but would like to try this out. The only reserve I have is lack of examples...especially using Flex2.
  • Evert


    It would be great to have a bit more documentation, I agree..

    Perhaps this tutorial helps:
  • Tanuvan


    Thanks Evert. That is exactly what I needed!
  • Marcus


    Any news on new versions of this product?
  • Evert


    Hi Marcus,

    SabreAMF is close to being done.. no bugs have been found recently and its almost at a point where its doing exactly what the original intention was.

    In the near future I'm gonna put the 1.0 stamp on it. I'm working on a more full featured generalized RPC/Webservices framework. Still undecided if there's a market for it; and I need to clear out some copyright issues as well.

    If you have any ideas or suggestions or feel like there's a feature lacking, let me know!