Flash8's ExternalInterface and Internet Explorer

This is for the googlers who might run into the same problem as me..

If you try to use ExternalInterface, your flash object should not be a in a html <form> tag.. If that is the case, ExternalInterface will not work at all!

I had a hard time figuring this out, until I stumbled upon a comment in the LiveDocs.

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  • Marcelo Volmaro

    Marcelo Volmaro

    You can make it work. Follow my instructions at http://www.extremefx.com.ar/blog/fixing-flash-external-interface-inside-form-on-internet-explorer
  • Wayne McManus

    Wayne McManus

    Yeah, spotted this issue a little while ago, along with the potential fix: http://www.coderkind.com/?p=13
  • Evert


    Well seems like there are some good solution :) Mine was actually simply moving the flash object out of the form ;)