FiTC 2007 rocked!

I had the best time at FiTC.. Not to rub it in or anything, but if you weren't there.. you missed out.

My presentation didn't go bad ( I hope ). I got a bunch of questions at the end, which people tell me, is a good sign. The only issue is that I was done a little too early, but I guess thats something you learn through experience.. Overall I felt pretty comfortable on the stage, even though I had been awake for more than 30 hours and I suffered from a cold.

The conference itself was just amazing. There was a good balance between technical and creative talks. Although I am definitely a technical person, I didn't really feel like going to the coding talks. To be honest, the creative ones are a lot more inspirational, and are definitely also applicable in my work, such as thinking of different ways to present information to the user.

I'm having a bit of trouble putting my slides online here.. For the people who are interested in more info or code, be sure to drop me a line.