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I tend to use Firefox pretty much all day, mainly because its such a great tool for development. Its hard to go without tools like Firebug when you're working on complex javascript applications.

Recently I have been more and more attracted to the feature-set of Opera. The latest gem I found was "OperaShow", which has apparently been around since the days of Opera 5 (they are on 9.2 at time of writing).

CSS2 defines the "projection" media-type, intended for use in presentations. Most of the same rules apply as with the "print" media-type. (CSS2 spec on paged media).

My next presentation will definitely be done using Opera and completely in HTML. I'd want to invite you all out to open up or download Opera, go to their tutorial and open up the fullscreen mode (F11 on windows).

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  • Rick


    There are a pair of projects out there that are somewhat based on the opera work. S5 and S5-reloaded work in the same manner, but you can use other browsers. I've been using them for presentations for a little while now.

    What's great is that I had a php app that generated winners for a day-long event. At the end of the event we had to generate a slide-show to present the winners with awards. By using this type of html presentation we were able to auto-generate the presentation and get rid of a ton of copy/paste work into powerpoint.

  • Evert


    Interesting project.. that seems to allow more browsers to make use of this feature..

    Still, I like the out-of-the-box javascript-less feel of opera for my purposes =)
  • Daniel Goldman

    Daniel Goldman

    We're glad to see you find the Opera Show useful. Most of our presentations at conferences and events are done through Opera Show.

    Btw, you may find the Opera Show Generator useful too.
  • Evert


    Thanks Daniel,

    I found the show generator as well.. I'll probably end up using that to find out what the full featureset is, so I can apply it on my own stuff..