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And now for something completely off-topic. Which firefox extensions do you use? I'm mostly interested in the extensions that help web development in one way or another.

  • Firebug - Anyone who is into web development, and not using firebug should be hit the face with a stick or something pointy.</a>
  • NoScript - If you are a web developer, you know you can't trust 90% of the other developers on the web. This extension prevents you from suffering from other peoples mistakes. As a bonus it also works like an ad-blocker. Because most ad-solutions use flash and/or javascript, you can easily block out certain domains.
  • Web developer toolbar - Easy access to a lot of web developer tools. A lot of the features can also be achieved with Firebug, but I still like this one, because most tools are 2 clicks away.
  • Whatmon - Monitor whatever. This is a really small extension that allows you to display a status of "whatever you want". All it takes is to generate a tiny XML document and you'll have it up and running.


  • Stop or reload - Merges the stop and reload button, because you never need both at the same time.
  • Growl download notification - I like growl for all notification-style messages and I try to find plugins for every program it might be useful.
  • History submenus - For a safari-style history menu.</a>
  • OS/X favicon theme - This firefox theme is exactly like the default firefox theme, except that it displays favicons in your bookmark toolbars, like on Windows and Linux.

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  • Robert


    Good list... I did the same thing with my add-ons.
  • Brion


    Yesssss! The missing favicons have been bothering me for ages. :DDD
  • PaulG


    Hi Evert.

    You might want to look at Live Http Headers too, good for resending - peering into the mysteries of http headers.
  • Justin Patrin

    Justin Patrin

    I've found that having FireBug enabled means that after a litle while of running (with many tabs) I have to force-quite Firefox and restart due to it no longer being able to get a response from any request....
  • Evert



    Never had that issue.. maybe it helps to disable firebug by default, and only have it turned on for the sites you're actually debugging..

  • siep


    I also like the HTML Validator Marc Gueury wrote:

    It shows a little icon in your status bar with the number of warnings/ errors next to it. It also highlights the bad lines (if you have any) in your source viewer.
  • siep


    contrary to what the author states on the addons page of mozillla, it does work in OSX by the way..