SabreAMF 1.0-beta

I just finished work on a 1.0 beta release for SabreAMF.. These are the notable changes:

  • SabreAMF_Client now has a setEncoding method, allowing you to easily test AMF3 services.
  • Bugfix in AMF3 handling (the AMF3 wrapper wasn't automatically removed)
  • Bugfix in handling of DetailExceptions
  • Date objects coming from flash/flex are now automatically mapped to PHP5.2's DateTime object.
  • So yea that last one breaks backward compatibility if you already make use of dates and bumps up the minimum PHP version to 5.2

If you feel compelled to run this on 5.1, here's a fake DateTime class you can use as a replacement:

class DateTime {

   private $time;

   function __construct($datestring) {

      $this->time = strtotime($datestring);


   function format($dateformat) {

      return date($dateformat,$this->time);


And last, but not least.. there's now a Google code project. You can find the SVN repository and downloads there. There's also a bugtracker and a place where I'm going to write documentation (with your help?).

I'm excited about the 1.0 release. SabreAMF has been 'alpha' for almost two years. Even though it has been working fine I do get a lot of questions like "when is it going to be released?". It feels like closing a chapter =).

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  • Shigeru


    Why don't you compress sources via ZIP format?
  • Darren


    I'm using AMFPHP at the moment but something more lightweight like SabreAMF appeals to me. The 2 features that I do use in AMFPHP are: client-server class mapping so typed VO's are communicated in both directions; and the ability to have a single installation of AMFPHP in my PHP includes directory and then just 'services' and 'vo' folders in each project directory. Does SabreAMF also support these features?