Leopard first impressions and problems

I don't want to sound like I'm complaining too much, because I actually really like the new version of os/x. I wanted to cover a bunch of problems so people might know its not just them.

First, my personal favourite improvements.

The terminal

I'm especially happy that some time was spent improving the terminal application. Half my day I spend in that application, and any small improvement is welcome there. The most important being tabs (yessss) and an always running ssh-agent (which integrates with the keychain).

I ran across a bunch of problems as well ..

Flash upload stops working

Since we deal at FileMobile a lot with uploads of large/huge files.. we use a Flash uploader. It completely stopped working in leopard and from what I hear an update of the flashplayer is in the works.

Windows magically disappear using spaces

Spaces is a nice tool and i feel like it could help productivity.. but when you're switching between a few spaces sometimes windows get completely lost and the applications need a restart to re-appear.

Terminal won't change the background color

I'm fairly sure this has to do with the fact that I used a background image for my terminal in tiger; which is a feature that has been removed in leopard. I really dislike the default black-on-white, but I couldn't change my background color anymore. The solution for this was to simply remove:


From my home directory.

My key-bindings for page-up and page-down are lost in the Terminal.

I haven't felt like trying this yet, but I assume I simply have to follow my previous steps, if not.. I'll post about it later..

Airport up and down

Not sure if this is the OS or the airport, but its been shaky.. Hope this gets improved with an update of some sort.