Flash Uploader on Mac not triggering onComplete event

We have had a whole bunch of issues with the Flash 8 uploader on OS/X in the past. Now its completely broken on leopard, but before we weren't able to do multi-file uploads because the 'onComplete' event wasn't triggered from within flash.

We've been using a (modified) version of SWFUpload and also our Flash applications have had this issue..

Today I read on The Joy of Flex-blog that there's actually a really simple solution to this problem. Have your PHP (or other server-side) simply return some data. Our upload-endpoint normally always returned nothing at all, because it seemed unnecessary, but returning a small body in your HTTP response fixes the issue!

As you can tell, I'm excited.

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  • siep


    Good news!
  • Tony Fendall

    Tony Fendall

    Yay! I just came up against this exact problem, and this has saved me a lot of work
  • Theo


    Yeah, it such a weird bug... fortunately the first thing I tried when running in to this was to return som data. Not that I though it would fix it, but because I thought that I at least could see how far the response got, if Firefox/Firebug could see it or not.
  • open source cms

    open source cms

    They fast repear this bug!
  • Kev

    Thanks alot! I'd been trying to solve this for about an hour. I knew my page used to work on a mac and couldn't figure out where the change was that had broke it. I was getting despondent and thinking maybe I'd have to start trying to figure out how to debug the flash!
    I guess I'd cleaned up some whitespace in my php file or something. After reading this post, I just added a blank line to the end my PHP file and it works! :)
  • Scott F

    Scott F

    I am still stuck. It works perfectly fine with IE and firefox (due to some modifications I did)..but now on Macs it gives me an error 302. Im so mad.
  • Felix


    Thanks for this info! Btw i found some sool flash technique on this dota site.
  • rodrigopoloDOTcom


    The final solution is that the server script responds '&bError=0&'

    in PHP could it be
    echo '&bError=0&'; exit;

  • RedPath


    Thanks for the info!! First post I read and everything works fine it's a miracle!