PHP Quicksearch in firefox

If you’re a PHP developer, you’ll likely often need to open up to find out the [the order of ;)] arguments for a function.

Generally i just type,, but if you want to save 4 more keystrokes you can easily add a quick search. Just open up your bookmarks (or places if you’re on FF3). And add a new bookmark to the Quick Searches folder.

PHP quicksearch

Use ‘php’ in the keyword field, and for the url, use:

Now, you can simply type php in_array in your address bar, and you can find out if the needle or the haystack comes first.

p.s.: similarly, the ‘slang’ quicksearch has helped me adjust to north america a lot ;)

p.p.s.: lovin’ the firefox 3 experience on beta, can’t wait for all the extensions to work..

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  • Sam A

    Sam A

    I've been using this for years, got it in my Bookmarks Toolbar:

    javascript:var lookUp=prompt(%22Enter function to lookup:%22, %22%22); if(lookUp!= %22%22 && lookUp != null) { window.location.href = '' + lookUp; }

    Quite handy.
  • David Coallier

    David Coallier

    I also have been doing this for years with google ;P Become very handy at time
  • stefan


    Yeah, I've been using this for years with shortcuts for php (shortcut: php), google (shortcut: g), wikipedia (shortcut: w) and (shortcut: dg). Very useful feature.
  • PaulG


    Nice one, Evert, thanks.
  • Ribamar FS

    Ribamar FS

    Very good.
    Thank you.

    I make this: create a file phpsearch.html with:

  • DragonBe


    I just took the quick-search app from mycroft (

    Easy sitting in the top-right corner within you ff, just type your function and hit enter. It cannot be easier IMHO.

  • open source cms

    open source cms

    Looks fine for me :)