SabreAMF 1.0 release

SabreAMF is now considered stable.. It has been tested for over a year, and no problems have been reported for a while.

I'm not totally sure where to go from here though; The original design goals have been met, documentation is written and it is well tested. Adding features for the sake of adding features doesn't seem like a good idea; so I guess this is where the project sort of halts..

I'll stick around to support and maintain it though.

Get it here. If you are running 1.0-beta4, don't bother (it's the same)

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  • Darren


    Congratulations, Evert! I think it's fantastic that you have donated so much time to helping other programmers. Having a little bit of AMFPHP experience, I was up and running with SabreAMF (and Flex) in 5 minutes after reading Renaun's tutorial ( One thing I did have to do to get it working with my particular setup was to alter my includes path so that all the SabreAMF require_once's would work. The way I have my setup is to have all my common PHP libs stored in a folder within my PHP includes folder so that I can use them from any project. With this setup, all I need is a custom gateway.php, as well as services and vo folders, for each project and I can use the one installation of SabreAMF for every project. All I had to do to get this working was to include this line at the start of each project's gateway.php: set_include_path( get_include_path() . PATH_SEPARATOR . get_include_path() . '/my__common_libs_folder/' ); I only mention this in case others wish to use a setup like mine. SabreAMF works fine out of the box as long as you put the files in their recommended locations. Thanks again, Darren.
  • Thijs Triemstra

    Thijs Triemstra

    Congratulations with the release! It came a long way.
  • Darren


    Another couple of observations about SabreAMF from someone moving across from AMFPHP (which may or may not be helpful to you): 1. I found that I had to call SabreAMF_ClassMapper::registerClass before instantiating the SabreAMF_CallbackServer to get the mapping from Flex to PHP to work. I sort of anticipated that registerClass may need to be called before the onInvokeService listener was set but I was surprised that it had to be called even before the SabreAMF_CallbackServer was instantiated. So, using Renaun's code (DataServicesServer.php), this was the only order that worked for me: public function __construct() { SabreAMF_ClassMapper::registerClass('com.renaun.samples.vo.UserVO','UserVO'); $this->server = new SabreAMF_CallbackServer(); $this->server->onInvokeService = array($this,'invokeService'); } This order of instructions wasn't clear to me from the docs and it also didn't occur to me straight away because if I set a listener for $onGetRemoteClass instead, this seems to work fine after the SabreAMF_CallbackServer is instantiated (which is where Renaun has it). Maybe it would be worthwhile mentioning in the wiki that 'SabreAMF_ClassMapper::registerClass' should be called before 'new SabreAMF_CallbackServer();' for Flex to PHP mapping to work. Or maybe this is obvious and I'm just a little slow. 2. Similarly, adding a listener using SabreAMF_ClassMapper::$onGetLocalClass only works if it is placed before "new SabreAMF_CallbackServer();' while SabreAMF_ClassMapper::$onGetRemoteClass works both before or after. By the way, I wrote this tiny getLocalClass function which seems to work well for Flex: public function getLocalClass( $dataClassName ) { $className = array_pop(explode(".", $dataClassName)); if(class_exists($className)) { return $className; } else { return SabreAMF_ClassMapper::getRemoteClass( $dataClassName ); } } 3. Is there a typo in line 118 of ClassMapper.php? Should it be: throw new Exception('Classname received from onGetRemoteClass should be a string or return false. ' . gettype($remoteClass) . ' was returned'); I hope some of this is helpful. I'm really liking SabreAMF. I hope to use it on most of my future Flex-PHP projects. If you do get AMFEXT working with your framework project, I hope you will consider making SabreAMF AMFEXT-compatible because at the moment the faster speed seems to be the only reason I would consider using AMFPHP on some bigger projects. Cheers, Darren.
  • Darren


    Oops, getLocalClass should be: public function getLocalClass( $dataClassName ) { $className = array_pop(explode(".", $dataClassName)); if(class_exists($className)) { return $className; } else { return false; } }
  • Evert Pot

    Evert Pot

    Darren, The behaviour you are seeing with adding the classmaps before or after instantiating the callbackserver is really really odd, as the logic only starts to kick in after a call to ->exec() It makes me wonder there might be something else wrong in the logic of that code ?? As to your point about the typos in the exception being thrown, I just fixed that on SVN and will put out an update soon.. Good thing the error is in the error handling so it won't actually break any running apps.. Thanks a lot ! If you are interested in helping out with some of the wiki pages, please drop me a line.. my address is evert @ this domain.. Evert
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    Very fast new version. Great!
  • Wil


    Hi, I'm wondering if there's a minimal example for using SabreAMF on the flash/flex side. The examples I found in the adobe site is too complex/intimidating for newbies like me.
  • Wil


    Ahh nevermind, spent an entire day experimenting with the API and here's what I got: some guidelines on the use/misuse would be helpful though...