Strange call from Red Hat

Today I was sitting at my desk when my cell started ringing.

Really odd, a lady from Red Hat called. After she confirms my name, she asks me if I use the RPM packaging system. Unsuspecting, I answer: "ehh, no.. We're a debian shop..". The lady answers "thank you" and hangs up the phone, leaving me wondering how they got my number, if it was really Red Hat and why she would take the time to call me and ask me this seemingly random question.

Should I be worried?

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  • Ivo


    I think Red Hat has scanners set up, that detect RPM usage. I think they have a lady in charge of monitoring the scanners.

    "Wait... I think we got one.. recalibrating the sensor array.. YES! IT'S REAL. WE HAVE FOUND AN RPM USER!"

    "Finally! trace the guy to confirm."

    (lady phones dutch phone number)

    "Evert here."

    (almost extatic) "Are you.. are you using RPM?"

    "ehh no, We're a debian shop.."

    "thank you." (hangs up the phone)

    "Not again... not again... after all these years we finally found another RPM user and now it's a false alarm... I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE!"

    (she'll probably call you back tonight to ask if you're really really really aren't using RPM)
  • Jan Schneider

    Jan Schneider

    Knock, knock.
  • Evert


    Too funny ivo =)