SabreAMF 1.1 release

A new SabreAMF release is up for grabs at the Google Code site.

This is a bugfix-only release, fixing a few issues:

  • The AMF0 and AMF3 serializers did a check with is_numeric to find out if a variable is a number, this would cause problems for numeric-strings, as this function returns true there too. This has been changed to use is_float and is_int.
  • There was a bug with the serialization of integers in AMF3 within certain ranges. The algorithm has been fixed by Kevin Martin.. Also, the current implementation is faster. (thanks kevin! get a site, so I can link you..).
  • When onGetRemoteClass returns an incorrect value (something else than false or a string) an incorrect exception would be thrown, this is fixed as well.
  • Coding standards tid-bits

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