First glance on IE8

Random notes:

  • For IE7 the focus was on security, IE8 = user experience.
  • The IE guy is explaining about how interoperability hurts innovation, because too much time is lost in fixing thise (can't help but getting a big DUH! feeling).
  • He explains how there's a lot of content on the web, that depends on the buggy behaviour of older IE versions.. so there's a challenge to solve. IE8 will introduce a compatibility mode, a lot of information with big opionion pieces from both people who like or hate this can be found on A List Apart. Look for version targetting.
  • Looks like they created a Firebug-like tool for IE..


  • Making the back button work, using HTML5 hash function? Can't actually find any info on this and I think this can be implemented today?
  • HTML Connection events .. very cool, javascript can catch an event if the internet connection is gone!


Seems to be about deep browser integration.. Subscribing to Webslices.. Seems to be a mini i-frame integrated into the toolbar.. Examples are shown of facebook status updates and Ebay auctions..

To integrate, add the 'hslice' css class to a div.. If you go to Your facebook homepage, and look at the source, you'll notice there's 'hslice' css classes.</p>