First glance on IE8

Random notes:

  • For IE7 the focus was on security, IE8 = user experience.
  • The IE guy is explaining about how interoperability hurts innovation, because too much time is lost in fixing those (can’t help but getting a big DUH! feeling).
  • He explains how there’s a lot of content on the web, that depends on the buggy behaviour of older IE versions.. so there’s a challenge to solve. IE8 will introduce a compatibility mode, a lot of information with big opionion pieces from both people who like or hate this can be found on A List Apart Look for version targetting.
  • Looks like they created a Firebug-like tool for IE..


  • Making the back button work, using HTML5 hash function? Can’t actually find any info on this and I think this can be implemented today?
  • HTML Connection events .. very cool, javascript can catch an event if the internet connection is gone!


Seems to be about deep browser integration.. Subscribing to Webslices.. Seems to be a mini i-frame integrated into the toolbar.. Examples are shown of facebook status updates and Ebay auctions..

To integrate, add the ‘hslice’ css class to a div.. If you go to Your facebook homepage, and look at the source, you’ll notice there’s ‘hslice’ css classes.

Web mentions


  • Siep


    Do you have any idea if MS allows you to install the beta next to IE6 / 7 without losing an old version?
  • Evert


    No clue really =) haven't tried the beta
  • Thierry


    If you try the beta, you're likely to have some css and js surprises :)
  • siep


    "On a similar note, it's probably not wise to install this browser on any critical system at the moment, as it will automatically and permanently overwrite any IE6 and IE7 installs. That would be a brave course to take with a potentially unstable beta." newsletter :)