SabreDAV 0.1

I finished a first alpha release for SabreDAV. I’m quite excited, I might add.

Currently it has all the basic tools to create a WebDAV share using PHP, based on either an existing directory structure on the filesystem, your own custom virtual folder or a combination of both.

It has been tested using DavFS and the OS/X finder. And it supports all of the locking features these clients use, making it a fully read-write DAV server.

Some links:

If you like the idea, please support it by adding it to your ohloh stack.

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  • siep


    looking forward to using it on our systems!
  • jess


    "What happened to your layout?"

    what do you mean??
  • Evert


    I just see big wordpress errors on your site..

    Warning: include(/home/jessica/public_html/nav/header2.php) [function.include]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/jessica/public_html/wordpress/index.php on line 3

    etc.. are you not seeing that?
  • Arthur

    Very good!

    But I do have an issue, when connected using the OSX Finder, the copy seems to have a failure at "closing file.."

    Or is it read-only at the moment?
  • Evert


    Hi Arthur,

    Would you mind doing a capture with Charles

    OS/X finder should definitely be writable at this point, so you might have stumbled upon a bug..

  • Pavel


    Hi, I'd like to ask if/how SabreDAV handles symlinks... it might be interesting to use SabreDAV as a replacement for mod_dav which according to the documentation

    "... does not display symbolic links and ignores them when found. Symbolic links are not defined in RFC 2518. Note that the repository or in this case the file system should be private to mod_dav and since mod_dav cannot create symbolic links you should not have any symbolic links unless you created them manually or with another program. If you are manipulating the repository manually while mod_dav is running be careful as you are circumventing mod_dav's file locks and could potentially cause problems."

    ... if SabreDAV can handle symlinks in a secure manner. It also might be interesting to have some benchmarks or mod_dav vs. saberdav comparison (i.e. performance on many files, memory consumption on large files, etc.) in the wiki to allow people using mod_dav evaluate when it might be reasonable to switch to SabreDAV ...
  • Evert


    I need to confirm it, but I'm fairly sure PHP and thus SabreDAV will follow symlinks as if they were normal directories and files.

    I don't think SabreDAV will ever outperform mod_dav, because PHP is simply slower than C. SabreDAV is not a replacement for mod_dav. It has a filesystem implementation, but that's more intended as an example. The idea is to create a library allowing you to plug webdav access in existing business logic.

    The security of the filesystem implementation is simple; It will operate on the files as the user the http daemon is running under, so it simply relies on the underlying operating system for the security.
  • Pavel

    I'd never think that saberdav would outperform mod_dav. On the other hand if it can perform, say, at 30% speed and 200% system resources, it could still a good alternative to mod_dav for certain setups... as for security - mod_dav also relies on the underlying security logic, nevertheless, its too easy to introduce problems in php - think different php.ini settings etc.
  • jessica


    uh oh, no i'm not. but thank you for the heads up
    are you operating on windows?