Blogging for 2 years

This blog is now up for 2 years!

Quite happy with the results so far, its getting tough to always come up with a new post (and have been slacking in the last month a little bit), but by forcing myself to keep this active I've managed to come up with some open source projects, and grow as a person.

Some lame stats:

  • Wrote 54 posts this year, 48 last year; so there's a slight growth =)
  • According to awstats there were 12912 uniques in april 2008, versus 6296 uniques in april 2007. The actual number is probably way under that will all the spambots and such; but still happy to know some people read it.
  • I've maintained this blog longer than any girlfriend (yes, that's how dedicated I am =P ).
  • I've gotten 466 legit comments, and 1525 spam comments that made it through the captcha (thanks so much!).

Thanks for reading and the critique!

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  • Johny


    Wow congratulations...
    i think i am blogging for about 5 years now but mhh not always useful stuff :-)
  • James


    has been a lot of fun over the years reading your blog and i hope you will continue blogging for decades.