SabreDAV 0.2

I just put a new release for SabreDAV up.

The most significant change is that it now has a filter which intercepts common files generated by clients and other application, including:

  • OS/X resource forks (._ files)
  • OS/X .DS_Store file
  • Windows’ desktop.ini
  • Windows’ Thumbs.db
  • ViM-style temporary files.

This is crucial if you want to connect a WebDAV folder to for example a database-table. This makes sure that you don’t end up with for example blog posts named .DS_Store ;). Although not completely sure, I believe SabreDAV is unique in that sense. If there are suggestions for more common ‘temporary files’, please let me know.

Full list of changes:

  • Documentation
  • Support for Windows XP / Vista clients
  • Quota support (by implementing Sabre_DAV_IQuota).
  • A standard FilterTree, which can be used to intercept or change requests to the File-tree
  • Better implementation for PropPatch.
  • Support for lock-null requests.
  • A TemporaryFileFilte class, which can be used to intercept the temporary files mentioned earlier. Just pass it a regular Sabre_DAV_ObjectTree and it will do its thing.

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