CNMA 08 Finalist

Last week I heard I was going to a finalist for the canadian new media awards, in the category 'Best programmer of the year'. While I strongly feel there's way better programmers out there, who just weren't submitted, I am both honored and shocked.

Looks like I'm gonna have to get a suit, which is, as my friend put it, "trying to give a cat a bath". My company also got nominated in the category 'Most promising company of the year'. Too cool!

CNMA 08 finalist!

Bad Gateway is Toronto-based team of software engineers. We build good APIs and websites.

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  • Guinevere


    Congrats Evert! Filemobile is up too, way to go!
  • Evert


    Thank you so much! =)
  • Henk Everts - Tsjil

    Henk Everts - Tsjil

    Hoi Evert. Van harte met je nominatie, top man! Hoog tijd dat je weer naar Surhuisterveen komt... ;-)
  • Evert


    Haha dankje!!

    Ben al bijna 2 jaar niet meer in s'veen geweest.. M'n ouders zijn inmiddels ook al verhuist, dus heb niet zoveel redenen meer om terug te komen :P

    Cool dat m'n blog gelezen word van het thuisfront :) Hoop dat alles goed voor jullie gaat! (Lijkt 't wel op ;) )
  • aaron


    i think you should show up in full out john deer gear... john deer hat, john deer sneakers... represent!
  • max


    Hello Evert,

    Who, thats super phat, way to go! Maybe is Groningen an option then? Catch you on the fllipside!

    Kind regards,

  • Evert


    Hehe.. I miss groningen! Highest consumption of alcohol per square meter in the world!