Integrating with Zend's OpenID

The Zend Framework has a pretty good OpenID library. I was looking for a library written for PHP5 (strict), and this seemed like a good choice..

The Zend library requires a storage backend to record and cache some of the information, and it was very easy to implement a custom one for our database layer. There's a bunch of good examples are available on the documentation page (although they were slightly outdated with the current api and did contain sql injection problems..).

The only drawback I saw was that there was a hard dependency on the Zend frameworks' Session system. I didn't want to write an adapter for our own platform, so ended up overriding the 'verify' and '_checkId' methods to simply use PHP's built-in $_SESSION array.

The odd thing was that the changes I made to the OpenId_Consumer class only set stuff in the session, but I didn't find anything that actually retrieved those values.

On a completely off-topic note, I just got my copy of High Performance MySQL, and I'm pretty excited to read it :)

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  • sevgililer günü çiçek

    sevgililer günü çiçek

    how can i implement open id ? or how can i take open id for my web site ?
  • Ronald


    Which version of Zend Framework had this issue? I haven't run into any problems (yet) with 1.7.7