SabreAMF 1.2

Just posted a new SabreAMF version to googlecode, containing mostly bugfixes and a few enhancements. (download). Updating is highly recommended, this release was supposed to get out a bit earlier, but I wanted to test it in a live environment for a bit first.


  • We're now throwing an SabreAMF_InvalidAMFException instead of a generic Exception in the event on a corrupt/incorrect AMF request. (contribution by: Asbjørn Sloth Tønnesen.)
  • Fixed a bug in the standard Recordset object (identified by 'datafirm').
  • Fixed string reference problem occuring with multiple AMF3 bodies, identified by sylvinus and fixed with help from the PyAMF team. Thanks guys!
  • Fixed a bug in AMF3 integer encoding. For some small ranges you would end up with the wrong integers in PHP. The integer decoder is also a lot faster now (Fixed by Kevin Martin).
  • SabreAMF_Server now allows alternative inputs than php://input (patch by Asbjørn).

Thanks guys!