Sony Headphone Drama

So my good friend siep bought Sony headphones a year or two ago. After a while, they broke right at the left earpiece. Kinda sucked.. He didn’t have any receipts, so there wasn’t a lot that could be done.

They are pretty high quality headphones. Well, at least in terms of audio quality. So he tried to repair them with some screws and some metal:

manual repair

But they broke again, this time on the other side.

manual repair

He actually had given the set to me, because I just gave him a new pair for christmas, the MDR-V500. They also broke:

MDR V-500

And then, I got another pair of Sony headphones for my birthday in April. This time the MDR-7505. Hoping they fixed some of the issues with a new model, I had full confidence. On top of that I was extra careful this time and made sure they were around my neck when I transported them. It was no use:



sony headphones

We went to the store when the second pair broke, and also now with the third pair. They won’t do anything however without the receipts while this is such an obvious faulty product. On top of that I have two other friends with the same stories about the headphones. $400 worth of headphones down the drain.

I called Sony today and they tell me I should go back to the store to try to get a copy of the receipt. I’m going to try to get that, but not really happy with that solution either. It might give me 1 set back at most, while I really want my money back for all 3 of them.

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  • Christof


    I have a set of MDR V700DJ, which also broke at the same spot.

    I would just get a different type, but they sound very good. I managed to fix them with some cable binders and glue.

    I heard that newer versions are a bit stronger, but they didn't change the name, so there is no way to look for this version.

    The V700DJ are the best for programming in loud environments.
  • Evert


    Do you have a picture somewhere? Would be cool to gather a few more
  • Seldaek


    I don't mean to be mean or anything but what is wrong with you ? There are plenty of other companies that do high quality headphones - and I'm talking about the sound here, since obviously it can't get much worse than Sony's manufacturing capabilities.

    Sony is a big name but they obviously are not up to their reputation so why not try something else ? For what it's worth I have Sennheiser and Koss headphones and I'm very happy so far.
  • Evert


    Well, trust me.. I won't make that mistake again..

    Don't forget though that the first one was a bit older, so I figured it was bad luck, and the last one was a gift!
  • Seldaek


    Fair enough, good luck with the next ones then :)

    And I must say congrats to your friend for the repair attempt, I should suggest that to a colleague that just had the same thing happen to his headset (don't remember what brand though).
  • Evert


    btw, thats a creepy avatar.. I must say
  • David Rodger

    David Rodger

    Audio professionals (as opposed to DJs) are often seen with Sony 7506s or 7509s. I wouldn't say they're indestructible, but they're robust, can be folded, are completely field serviceable, sound really good, and don't cost to much considering the quality. (Oh, and the screw-on 1/8" to 1/4" adaptor is genius!)
  • Sylvain


    If we begin to count how many Sony headphones broke, We will never finish. ;)

    I broke mine to, MDR-V500. I repaired it with epoxy glue and it worked just fine.

    Good luck for your refunding attempt!
  • Dylan Oliver

    Dylan Oliver

    I've had a pair of Koss headphones - forget the model, but they were about $80 four years ago - with the same problem of breaking where the earphone swivels. I've sent them back to Koss twice, and am about to send them back again. You send them the broken headphones and $6, and they send you a repaired or new pair right back. Since I'm in south central wisconsin and they're in Milwaukee, they literally have them back to me in days.

    <3 koss
  • Mike Duguid

    Mike Duguid

    I've had a pair of beyerdynamic dt150 studio headphones (upgrade of the studio and broadcast standard dt100's) for almost 10 years and they've survived djing, gigging and being dropped and crushed under equipment many a time. They're quite expensive but fully modular (if in the event a part does break you can just replace that part) and sound great. Buy a pair of those and it'll likely be the last pair of headphones you ever buy.
  • Trophaeum


    Get yourself a pair of sennheisers, 3 years and my HD280 pro's are still going strong (i need to replace the foam padding on the ears but otherwise they are still as good as day 1!)
  • Allison


    That is very strange your having so much trouble because Sony makes really good products. Hope you find pair that do nto break on you!
  • Heikki Hyppänen

    Heikki Hyppänen

    Thanks for the post. That's quite a pile of broken headphones! I've been shopping for portable headphones, but I guess Sony models are not on my list.

    I've had AKG's K 26 P model that has served me well. Initially I thought that the structure couldn't last for more than a year, but actually it's fine after two or three. The wire become faulty, but that should be easy to replace.
  • Abby


    Bummer that you have so much invested in broken headphones. I would buy future electronics with a credit card so you don't have the receipt issue again. (Some credit cards even have a warranty on these types of purchases as a feature of the account.) Don't give up on getting satisfaction.
  • hollow-welt


    count one more pair of broken sony's, same spot, same break both sides.

    Found your blog googling mdr-v500 broken, haha, first return, top of the page, frigging sony.
  • myski


    Bought a pair of MDRV500dj thinking that after spending $100.00, I would not have to think about buying a pair of headphones for years to come. Within 4 months of moderate use, it snapped where the earcup swivel meets the headband. There used to be replacement parts for a number of pieces for this item but I have not seen any recently.Such a shame it is comfortable to wear and sounds good. I will be switching brands as I see the later models are prone to the same dilema
  • Bob


    Anyone want to sell me earpads from all of these broke MDR V500 headphones....mine are crumbling and need to
  • bastiaan

    I have the exact same headphones,
    each time it breaks(it's that bad) I use a little acetone on it, then push tightly together. The plastic melts a litle and the connection is almost as good.
    Good luck
  • Mika


    I own a pair of MDR-V500, they broke at the exact same spot as your headphones did. Seems to be a shitty plastic construction, which will always break after only a few years. I was lucky, because mine last me 4 or 5. Now they are in pieces.
    Looking for a new pair of headphones and think I will go for AKG 240 or 170-something, heard they can last for 10-20-30 years if you are lucky.
  • Mantas Narbutis


    would like to buy them from you.


    • Evert


      You're about 5 years too late :)

  • Anonymous

    Just came across your post.....I have this exact same problem with the exact same Sony headphones. The sound quality is stellar; wish I could say the same for the headband..... :(