SabreDAV 0.4

Just released a new alpha for SabreDAV.

Its been almost 5 months since the last one, the wait was mostly related to the fact that on of my main goals was to pass all litmus tests. Today I committed the last fix for this. There is one outstanding ‘FAIL’ in litmus, but this is due to a bug in litmus, not SabreDAV.


  • Passing all litmus tests.
  • Added an example for a basic file-server.
  • Custom property support in the API.
  • Shared lock support.
  • Depth support to locks.
  • Locking on unmapped url’s as per RFC 4918.
  • Advertising DAV class 1, 2 and 3 support.
  • Ever growing documentation.

Download 0.4

Also, I’d love to hear your feature request. We’re closing in on being feature complete for standard WebDAV and the system is pretty stable in a live environment (has been tested for quite some time..). I’m not completely fixed yet on how the API works, so I’d love to hear some suggestions on what you’d like to see, or what you don’t like at all.

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