Zend Framework 1.7 features AMF support

It just came to my attention that Zend Framework 1.7 was released, along with AMF support.

This is good news for people looking for a solid AMF implementation for PHP, because Zend with Adobe backing will likely have a lot more eyes on it, and there's a good chance this will result in a high quality implementation.

This implementation has similar design goals as SabreAMF, which begs the question how relevant SabreAMF still is. I'm not really sure myself. I sort of feel SabreAMF served its purpose well. It (mainly AMF3) has been a reference implementation for many other projects such as PyAMF, Red5, some ruby implementation which I know forgot the name of and unless I'm mistaken also AMFPHP and this very Zend_AMF.

Note that these guys never actually gave any credit ;), so I might very well be lying here.. I mainly just overheard this in the various mailing lists and from different people.

So yea, my personal goal has been to be the first open source AMF3 implementation, and build a very clean implementation people can easily drop into existing business logic. I feel I've achieved this, and its been a fun couple of years working on this, not to mention that it has helped putting my name out there, just a little bit.

I'll keep actively maintaining for the people that placed their bets on SabreAMF, recently Asbjørn Sloth Tønnesen has been helping a lot with this as well, but I'll probably start directing people to the Zend implementation for future setups.

Let me know what you guys think. Is there still value in keeping SabreAMF growing, or should it fully go to maintenance mode? Also, thanks a lot to all the people out there that submitted bug reports, patches, blogged about it or simply used it in production! This was my first open source project (hopefully not the last), and it has been a lot of fun :).