SabreDAV 0.5

A new year, a new SabreDAV. This version adds some new features and fixes some bugs.

SabreDAV is a library, intended to easily create WebDAV frontends for existing PHP applications. At the office we’re using it to access certain parts of our web application directly from our filesystem.

Download it here.

Most notable changes

  • Added: a simple example for implementing a mapping to PHP file streams. This should allow easy implementation of for example a WebDAV to FTP proxy.
  • Added: HTTP Basic Authentication helper class.
  • Updated: Backwards compatibility break: all require_once() statements are removed from all the files. It is now recommended to use autoloading of classes, or just including lib/Sabre.includes.php. This fix was made to allow easier integration into applications not using this standard inclusion model.

  • Full Changelog.

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  • Daniel O'Connor

    Daniel O'Connor

    At a glance it looks appealing, but ... what are the use cases for me as a humble, non webdav saavy developer?

  • Evert


    I would say the goal behind SabreDAV is to build the 'best' webdav implementation in PHP. 'Best' is a bit broad, so these are some things I consider good:

    * Easy to use API
    * Focus on features which are actually supported (DeltaV and ACL will _probably_ not happen, I can expand on this point if you want.)

    One of the things you will find in for example Pear's webdav server, is that there is still a lot of knowledge required of the underlying protocol, which I try to hide a little better. Also, I have tried to separate the responsibility of parsing the requests / generating responses from the actual tree operations.

    But yes, that was me with my marketing hat on. Everything I say should be taken with a grain of salt :)