SabreDAV 0.6

I just finished up a new release of SabreDAV. The mailing list is getting some traction, and it’s shows! There were quite a bit of suggestions and patches recently, so the changelog is relatively big. The best thing that can happen is of course people liking and using it, and it makes me also more excited to work on it :).

Download it here.

Most notable changes

  • Added: We’re now using streams for passing contents of files around everywhere. Not only is this a big speed improvement, but it also reduces memory consumption quite a bit for larger files. It should be noted that this breaks API compatibility as the ->put and ->createFile methods will now no longer receive strings.
  • Added: HTTP Digest authentication helper.
  • Added: Support for HTTP Range header, ETags and overriding default Content-Type.
  • Added: 49 unittests.
  • Updated: Using Clark notation for serializing custom properties. If you use custom properties this affects you, because properties are no longer serialized as http://namespace#tagName, but {http://namespace}tagName.
  • Removed: SabreDAV is no longer distributed as a pear package. The main reason for this is that I had too much trouble figuring out how it works. I use phing as my build-tool, and although there’s some good integration points with pear packaging, I couldn’t get it to do what I wanted. So now it’s a regular gzip tarball.
  • Bugfixes!

Full Changelog.

Special thanks to Andreas Gohr, Luidnel Maignan and Stephan Wenz for patches and suggestions.