WebDAV-related RFC's

In an attempt to better understand the WebDAV standards space, I made up a non-scientific graph of all the specs and dependencies. I'd like to get started with CalDAV, but I have a few other specs to implement before I'll be able to do that.

WebDAV-related rfc's

The next one for me on the list is ACL. Attempting to integrate these new features within the existing system so far has proven to be very challenging. The big reason is my (perhaps high) requirements on how this is supposed to work:

  • It shouldn't touch the existing WebDAV system (at all), because 99% of the users will not use ACL.
  • The interface & implementation should still be understandable if you are implementing ACL.
  • I like the existing WebDAV class structure as it stands, so if I have to make changes in the design; it should still be easy to grasp.

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  • Jean-Paul Calderone

    Jean-Paul Calderone

    Hey, great visualization of all the pieces. Is the source format something great, like SVG? How would you feel about MIT licensing it? It'd make a great addition to the Twisted WebDAV documentation (or maybe a start, rather than an addition...).
  • Evert


    Unfortunately the graph was done in Omnigraffle, which doesn't appear to have an SVG output feature.

    All the (original) content on this blog is CC licensed:

    Would that be compatible with MIT?