SabreDAV 0.8

I just released v0.8 of the SabreDAV library. This is mostly a bugfix release, and fixes some compatibility problems with both Windows Vista and adds support for Netdrive.

Netdrive is free for home-use and is an alternative for the built-in clients from Windows XP or Vista. Do not use it if it’s more than 1 person accessing data from a webdav share, I can not stress this enough.. If it’s just you, you’ll find it works much smoother than the built-in client.

Compatibility break

All exception classnames are renamed. They follow Sabre_DAV_Exception_FileNotFound, instead of the Sabre_DAV_FileNotFoundException convention. This change was made for consistency reasons. If you implemented anything custom, you will probably run into this while upgrading.

Download and the full changeLog.


It’s pretty close to being feature-complete, so unless I really missed something or more bugs will be found this will probably move quickly towards 1.0. Thanks for the support and using it!

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