SabreDAV 0.9

Just released the 0.9 version of SabreDAV.

This release mainly contains bugfixes and some API changes that will facilitate future extensions, such as ACL and CalDAV.

Although these changes might not be relevant to most people, upgrading is recommended in order to keep a solid upgrade path. Fortunately for most people the API breaks are minimal.

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  • Kevin



    Why do you call the Version 0.9 and the download file: 0.11.0?
    The alpha is called 0.8.411.

    This is disturbing, can you explain you versioning in short?
    Thanks :)

  • Evert


    Hi Kevin,

    Sorry for the confusion. Since 0.9, there has been a 0.10 and 0.11. I didn't bother to write blogposts because I've been releasing more frequently, and I was worried people would consider it spammy.

    I kept 0.8 available, because the API was different, so it was a courtesy for people who needed it.

    All older versions can be found though, here: