SabreDAV 0.12

I just released a new version of SabreDAV, 0.12. I've skipped on posting for the last few versions, because I didn't want to get too spammy on this blog.

These were mostly bugfixes, and a few added features. SabreDAV is also a PEAR-package again, so installing is as simple as 'pear install SabreDAV-0.12.0.tgz'.

Download it here.

Full list of changes

  • Added: Experimental PDO backend for Locks Manager.
  • Fixed: Sending Content-Length: 0 for every empty response. This improves NGinx compatibility.
  • Fixed: Last modification time is reported in UTC timezone. This improves Finder compatibility.
  • Fixed: Issue 13.
  • Added: now a PEAR-compatible package again, thanks to Michael Gauthier.
  • Added: Plugin to automatically map GET requests to non-files to PROPFIND (Sabre_DAV_Browser_MapGetToPropFind). This should allow easier debugging of complicated WebDAV setups.
  • Added: Ability to choose to use auth-int, auth or both for HTTP Digest authentication. (Issue 11)
  • Fixed: TemporaryFileFilter plugin now intercepts HTTP LOCK requests to non-existant files. (Issue 12)
  • Updated: Browser plugin now shows multiple {DAV:}resourcetype values if available.
  • Added: generatePropfindResponse now takes a baseUri argument.
  • Added: ResourceType property can now contain multiple resourcetypes.
  • Added: Sabre_DAV_Property_Href class. For future use.
  • Changed: Made more methods in Sabre_DAV_Server public.
  • Added: Central list of defined xml namespace prefixes. This can reduce Bandwidth and improve legibility for xml bodies with user-defined namespaces.
  • Changed: moved default copy and move logic from ObjectTree to Tree class.

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