Upgrading to Snow Leopard adventures

I just got my copy of snow leopard in the mail, so I decided to upgrade my laptop. After doing a full backup, I didn't turn out to be as easy as I thought.

The installation process quickly showed a little yellow triangle, indicating I didn't have any startup disks. I quickly remembered I had a dual boot to Ubuntu, and used Refit, which is basically an alternative boot menu, to get into Linux and the likes.

So I looked up the removal instructions, but unfortunately this didn't change the situation. I then read that OS/X will restore the standard EFI loader (if that's the correct terminology), by opening the Disk Utility, and making the partition slightly smaller and bigger again. Trying this I got an odd error, namely "MediaKit reports no such partition". No dice.

So I ended up booting an Ubuntu Live CD, removing the linux ext3 and swap partitions there. After this was done, I was able to resize the main OS/X partition, which eventually fixed the problem.

If you ran into similar problems, I'm hoping there's enough keywords in here for you to find this solution :).

After all that installing Snow Leopard is a bit of an anti-climax. As advertised, not a lot changed, and I've yet to see a noticeable speed difference. The OS is using less disk-space, but 29 euro is still a high price for a glorified 'rm' statement.

I do notice small notification improvements here and there, and Address now supports CardDAV, which is nice.

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  • Daniel


    Good advice.

    From what I've heard, the graphic card will make a lot of difference now.

    I've just ordered my copy of Snow Leapard, so I'll know more soon :)

  • Oleg


    Yeah, I had my portions of shenanigans upgrading to Snow Leopard.
    The os installed fine, I don't have a dual boot, but upgrading software was a pain, especially Ruby, Rails, mysql drivers for Rails and such.
    I think after 48 hours I finally upgraded two laptops and everything works now.

    I did notice that and Safari work faster.

    And the 29 ueros — well, have you noticed the new wallpapers?
    They are totally worth it ;)))
  • Evert


    I just checked the wallpapers, I take back everything I said!
  • Chris


    Just use it a while, there a few hidden gems which will become handy soon :-) - and they're shipping php 5.3!
  • Artur Ejsmont

    Artur Ejsmont

    Yes i stumbled upon php5.3 as well.

    Im not a mac fan at all .... and imho its not worth the money .... ubuntu rocks. I even prefer windows!

    :- )
  • SouthWind47


    I looked at the cards and at the first glimpse my impression was: a reflecting pool, or mirror perhaps. ,
  • Fred Fredson

    Fred Fredson

    I hear quicktime has had a major downgrade in snow leopard, is this true? It prevents me from upgrading.