Switching from Google to Bing

For the same reasons as Mr. Asa Dotzler, I'm ditching Google search for Bing.

Especially after looking at "Google Dashboard", and seeing how much of their applications I'm using already, I figured it's probably not a bad idea to at least spread my personal information among a couple evil corporate entities rather than just one.

The first things I'm noticing about Bing is that it appears to give much higher precedence to recently updated pages. It also seems to adhere to the Accept-Language header, which means I don't have to weed through Korean interfaces to switch back to english.

If you don't hear back from me, I'm either a happy user or completely forgot and unknowingly switched back to google.

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  • Snowcore


    So unusual decision... :)
    I think I never change my default search engine: Google ;)
  • Jamie


    I just did the switch to Bing also. My main reason was performance. Bing seems to load much faster than Google and that was the selling point for me.
  • Maarten


    Maar bing heeft mijn .nl en .be sites nog niet geindexeerd na 4 maanden..dus snel is het niet bepaald

    if you are concerned about privacy you won't be better served with bing or any other provider. just don't give personal data and browse without cookie and lso cookie, run your own infrastructure on a synology nas or your own Linux box.

    by the way ditch windows or ur mac, do you know what your OS is sending to these commercial companies?

    and the list goes on....
  • pthesis


    I switched to Bing for the same reason as you. I think Google still gives better search results overall, but I'm really uncomfortable with how they're taking over the web.

    Now whenever I don't find what I need on Bing, I use Google as a backup.
  • Anonymous


    Rather than just give your privacy away to another big corporation, how about using a proxy service to grab one of their results? Scroogle Scraper is one that has the option to use the search bar on Firefox and IE to be the new default search engine:

    The mycroft project even has an option to use Scroogle through as the new default.
  • Anonymous

    It is funny but Microsoft is also an US company, so it is subject to the same US patriot act as Google, so if required by law, Microsoft will also have to share your private information that you provide when you use Bing.

    The difference is that Google CEO bothered to tell the truth about the laws that they have to obey.
  • Evert


    I'm just not putting all my eggs in one basket.
  • Pádraic Brady

    Pádraic Brady

    I'm not so sure about switching to Bing - the results rarely seem better, and their maps are less than stellar for all the attention they give its Silverlight UI - another plugin I'm not remotely interested in installing.

    I do understand the privacy concerns however. At present I've managed to avoid GMail (email scanning), and just recently I decided Google Chrome's Omnibox (the auto-filling location bar/search bar combined) was similarly invasive so I all but deleted it and will be sticking with Firefox. Not to mention the new Google DNS service which felt like the final nail in the coffin of Google not doing evil. They do no evil...for now. But as Facebook has shown us, corporate entities have a habit of trying to poke us out of our privacy shelters so we can be monitised.

    Your last statement is dead on - I feel that putting all our eggs in Google's vast basket is a dangerous, and it really doesn't feel comfortable.
  • caraudio


    "I'm just not putting all my eggs in one basket" agree