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PHP architect January 2010

The January issue of PHP|Architect just got published, and I'm in it!

I've written an apparent 5-page article about SabreDAV. The process was a lot of fun. It's definitely quite different from blogging, where quick and dirty is the rule rather than the exception. I hope I get the chance to do this again (all provided if there's another subject I feel knowledgeable enough in).

So if you get a hold of a copy, I would be very interested in your feedback! The magazine is in PDF form these days, so subscribing and downloading is quick and easy =).

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  • PaulG


    I'm gonna buy a copy, but ONLY because you are in it, and your Turing Test looks quite like mine... and you recommend I do....

    (and webdav-like calls keep appearing in my logfiles and I do not understand why)

    (and graphically your site looks stupendous, like it did 2-3 years ago)

  • Evert


    Thank you Paul, I much appreciate it.

    I hope you like the article!