CalDAV server for PHP

It's been a long time coming, but I finally have some working CalDAV code. The server has been tested with iCal 3.0 and 4.0 (Leopard and Snow leopard), Sunbird 1.0 pre-release and Evolution.

My main goal is to create a general-purpose CalDAV library, rather than a consumer-ready server app. I'm hoping people will be able to use this library to enable CalDAV functionality in their existing applications.

If you're interested in hacking around or testing, you'll have to grab a copy from subversion. Full installation instructions are available. Because of the alpha-stability nature of the code data-loss can occur, so beware!

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  • Keith Casey

    Keith Casey

    I have to admit that I'm interested in this one.

    Within web2project, we already support a read-only calendar feed coming out of the system. It's been great to see all my tasks, events, etc pop up in my Thunderbird. But writing back to the system has eluded me. I'm going to dive into this one to see how useful it is. I'd love to have the functionality in our v2.0 release.

    And yes, as your tech editor for the php|a article, I'm biased. ;)
  • Evert


    That sounds exactly like the type of application I would hope people would build.

    If you need any assistance let me know, but keep in mind it's closer to a proof of concept than code that's really ready.
  • Niobos



    Just to let you know that this seems to be exactly what I'm looking for! I've been looking for a CalDAV-implementation that integrates nicely in my LAMP setup for ages. Most products are stand-alone (and thus require their own TCP-port), and I didn't get mod_caldav to work...

    I tried the current version, but can't log in; I keep getting " No digest authentication headers were found", even though FireBug does show them...

    Keep up the good work!
  • Evert


    Hi Niobos,

    Not sure if you've figured it out since then, but I wonder if there's something different in how digest headers are handled in your setup.

    Join the mailing list and post some information. What webserver are you using?

  • Subramanya

    Hello Evert,

    I am very new to CalDAV and I want to implement a caldav server which could help to synchronize calendar events.

    Big picture: I am working on a java based application, which has its own database and calendar feature.

    Now I want to develop a server, which would help me to synchronize my events/tasks in my application to apps in my cell phone or tablet.

    As I am novice, I do not know where to start, could you please throw some light from where I could start?

    Info: i want to develop this in server in Java and also I have started reading RFC 4791.

    Thank you,