Jumping ship! From Subversion To Mercurial

I've been a big fan of Subversion since 2005, but since lately I've been having a bit of distributed source-control envy. Many people seem to be switching to Git and Mercurial, and frankly I've felt a bit left behind.

For some smaller stuff I've been starting to use Mercurial a bit more, and I've been pretty easily convinced since then. If you have some random code lying around, and need to make some changes you might need to revert? Just enter "hg init ." and now it's a repository. hg add, hg commit and it's committed as a first repository.

So I've bit the bullet and now also converted SabreDAV to Mercurial, which was a very easy process using Google's manual (which by the way could apply for non-google repo's too). The biggest change from here on is to remember to type hg instead of svn.

Joel Spolsky actually recently wrote a nice tutorial for hg, pretty easy to get through; especially if you already understand version control.