SabreDAV 1.0.9 released & CalDAV news

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The last SabreDAV announcement I made here was 1.0.4, which happened in January. Just today I've released 1.0.9, so I figured it's time for a small update.

A public demo site

I've bought the domain, and placed a live demo on it for people to try out. Give it a shot:

  • url</p>
  • username: testuser
  • password: test
  • </ul>

    Please note that OS/X Finder will not be able to upload files here, because it uses the Chunked Transfer Encoding, which is not supported by sourceforge's webserver Nginx. Read more here.


    There's been a number of small(ish) bugfixes.

    1. Fixed fatal error when a malformed url was called.
    2. Issue 19: Better responses to HEAD requests on collections, improving compatibility with MS Office.
    3. Issue 23: Fixed Allow header, improving compatibility with Evolution.
    4. Issue 21: Typo.
    5. Issue 27: Incorrect encoding of entities in properties.
    6. Issue 29: Missing constant causing fatal error on lock requests with infinite timeouts.

    So there it is. You can download the latest version on the googlecode project page.


    CalDAV support is going well. Currently iCal, Evolution and Lightning/Sunbird are supported. If you want to test it out, be sure to download the alpha version (1.1.x), and read the related documentation.


    I've also setup an irc channel on If you feel like idling somewhere new, head over to #sabredav.

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  • harald


    great work! thanks very much!
  • steki



    thanks for bringing up a demo server (hope you get the mac version in upload mode sooner or later).

    i did some tests with xp/sp3 and had the following problems (i used folder skte):
    - German umlauts (äöü ...) in filenames were translated in %xx characters
    - German umlauts in folder names make folder unreachable
    - uploading large files (> 6- 8MB) did never finish and then caused an error
    - uploading a lot of small files is very slow
    - i really would like to help testing

    best regards
  • Evert


    Hi Steki,

    These are a few good finds. The large file issue might just be due to how sourceforge is configured, and the slowness you're seeing is unfortunately probably unsolvable. (it's a remote site after all).

    The points about the umlauts needs some investigation.

  • Evert


    The file limit was indeed a sourceforge issue. I've opened a report about international characters here: