Installing SabreAMF

A simple guideline to install SabreAMF on your computer

First, check if you have all the required software on your machine, basically this is PHP 5 (preferably a recent version) and PEAR.

You can check if you have PEAR installed by running the pear command

pear version

If you had bad luck, it might also be outside your default path, for example: if you have php installed on windows in C:\php5 you could try ``` C:\php5\pear version ```

If PEAR is not installed at all, follow the instructions from: the pear manual.

Next, download the most recent version of SabreAMF. At the point of writing this is 0.1.1498. The files can be downloaded from

Now, open op a console (CMD in windows) and go to the path where you downloaded the .tgz file. Then, type in:

pear install SabreAMF-0.1.????.tgz

This should be done with administrator permissions

Thats all!

Update: Updated download link