Building Subversion from source on debian

The official debian packages for Subversion are kind of old; the latest version is 1.1. There is a more recent package available in the 'unstable' package source, but I'd rather just stay with the stable packages, because switching to unstable requires me to update a few hundred packes; and I'd just rather not..

To install on debian, perform the following steps:

apt-get build-dep subversion libsvn0 libapache2-svn

This will install all the libraries you need to build subversion (among a few other packages to make a debian package out of it).

  • Next, unpack the subversion files with:
tar xfvz subversion-???
  • Next cd into the directory where the files were unpacked
  • Run the regular:
make install

  • You are done!

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  • Anonymous

    But hey, if
    Says it's a stable release, why not, there's heaps of improvements/bug fixes in the latest version.
  • Evert


    Yes, you are probably right.. but I believe debian has a pretty huge process in determining whats stable and what not, besides.. I think they might not have enough man-power to do this.

    Another example is PHP, version 5 has been out since over a year now.. probably 2, but there is still no stable debian package for it.
  • Maarten


    Debian has to check that subversion and it's dependencies play nice with 15.000 other software packages on 12 different hardware architectures (like x86, PPC, Sparc, Risc...)

    It's the checking and the rechecking that everything works as it should that takes the longest time.

    This does *not* mean that Debian's version is more stable than the current version. :-)

    Kind regards,

    Maarten - Debian fanboi