Whats up for SabreAMF 0.2

These are the updates and featured planned for SabreAMF 0.2.

AMF3 - AMF3 support should be in a stable state.. It's quite working already actually (A very big thanks to Karl von Randow for filtering out the last bugs), but at this point its still kind of awkward to use, because you manually need to construct the response object..
Its certainly possible to make this transparent to the user, so this is a big point on the agenda.. If there are any Flex2 / Flash9 people who would like to help testing, drop me a line..

Easier server implementation - I will probably fix something with a callback handler.. Its very important that its still a really minimal library.. But this will not produce a lot of overhead, and makes it easier for user to pick up..</b>

Thats really all.. After this SabreAMF will be 95% percent feature complete.. In any case the core won't change anymore.. After it has been properly tested with Flex2/Flash9 I will mark it 1.0

But first.. off to miami.

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