FFMpeg supports FLV 1.1

I still need to confirm this out myself if its true, but looking at the updates in the source it seems as if FFMpeg is now injecting FLV metadata in the latest svn sources. This means we don’t have to use a tool like FLVTool2 anymore after transcoding videos.

Also, they decided a while ago to switch from CVS to subversion. Which is nice, because I use SubVersion for all my projects and now I can use ffmpeg as an external definiation.

The best news is yet to come, FFMpeg has 5 projects in Google’s Summer of Code. In this program google funds people who are willing to do open source programming for a project of choice. Among those projects is a VC-1 decoder, which allows transcoding WMV3/WMV9, an AAC decoder (AAC is heavily used in MOV/MP4 videos) and an AMR encoder/decoder (AMR is used in 3GP, 3G2).

Good stuff, I’ve been following the project for a while now and I’m happy to see its still this active.

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  • Sidney Johnson

    Sidney Johnson

    Just wanted to shoot you a thx, i started w/ converting video over to hinted .mov until i saw the .flv size comparison. 1 137mb hinted .mov video became 7mb flv. i ran into a few problems w/ ffmpeg not injecting metadata but after reading this post i decided to give updating ffmpeg a shot even though packages are hard masked in gentoo. Dood it worked great you have no idea how much easyier this makes things. Sorry Aple DSS is for the birds .FLV rulz. THX again for the tip in the right direction.
  • Evert


    Glad to be of help..

    I'm not sure exactly how the gentoo packaging system works, i heard its quite special compared to other distro's...

    I'm a debian/ubuntu-fan, and I generally use subversion to update my code to the very latest version, ffmpeg tends to be really active and there's updates nearly every day..
  • Fabian


    It is true ... ffmpeg does write FLV 1.1 files and you do not need to inject metadata for yourself! Since FLVTool2 has not been optimized for larger files that's a great effort for the linux-flv-community :)