SabreAMF 0.2 is here

I just published a new version of SabreAMF, and it includes support for the flex2 messaging system. This means you can now use flex2 remoting with great ease.

It also includes a callback server class, which is now recommended for use with flex2. This class handles the standard AMF3 stuff like CommandMessages and translates Exceptions into ErrorMessages.

You can download it here. You can find an example on how to use the CallbackServer class here. An article on how to use this will follow shortly.

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  • Tom



    thanks for your hard work. this is a great amf library!
  • Elan

    Please provide zip version of SabreAMF

  • Evert


    Elan, if you have PHP installed on your machine and if you have PEAR.. you can easily install it on the command line.. using:

    pear install packagename.tgz

    check out for more detailed instructions.

    Also, since you want a ZIP I assume your on windows.. you can try WinRAR.. its free