Authentication relation types

When you’re building Hypermedia-style services, you might have used the IANA link relation types list to find appropriate, generic keywords for your rel="" attributes.

This list is the official registry for relation types such as collection, next, canonical and others.

I had a need for adding a few generic relationship types for a generic hypermedia client, so I wrote a IETF draft to define them and get them added to this list.

The new relationship types I’m hoping to define are:

  • authenticate - To find an endpoint where a client might authenticate, such as an OAuth2 login screen.
  • authenticated-as - To find a resource associated with the user who is currently logged in. This is a sort of ‘who am I’ feature.
  • logout - A link that can be followed to expire existing sessions.
  • register-user - Which might be used to find for example a login form, or and API endpoint where new users can be created.

The full document can be read here:

If you think this is an interesting spec, or if you’ve already adopted this or something similar, your feedback on the IETF Art list would be very appreciated:

You can also leave feedback, questions or suggestions on the Github project.

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