Blogging for 5 years

Well, I just checked my calendar and it turns out I've been blogging for exactly 5 years now. This is the only time I allow myself to make an off-topic post, so here goes:

An exciting year indeed, with lots of change. Moved back from Korea to the Netherlands, started a new job, spoke at a conference, and I've met lots of bright and interesting people.

I've been royally sucking at blogging though. Only 22 posts in the entire year. Worst year to date :) I really should get back into the game, but I steadily feel that the things I'm running into from day to day becomes less relevant to blog about, as there has usually been someone else with a much better description of what I'm really trying to say.

Maybe that's just an excuse though.. If you're still reading, thanks for sticking with me!

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