Winding down Bad Gateway

In 2019 I started Bad Gateway as a software development agency. Last year we grew all the way to 7 people. It was crazy challenging, especially with Covid in the mix; but ultimately could not get the company into a good financial state to be able to carry on.

Big thanks to my co-workers and partners Ju, Becky, Phil, Michael, Siep, Richard and Syed. I’m incredibly grateful you came on this journey with me. We shared some tears, exchanged some words but mostly had lots of laughs. Despite the challenges I feel my relationship with you has only strengthened and I wish you well in the next steps of your career.

Also thank you to our customers and especially Underknown who’ve stuck with us since the start.

Despite this outcome, I have a hard time seeing the last few years as a failure. It’s been hella fun, and I feel we stuck to our values even in times of crisis. Off to the next adventure.

Image of person standing in front of a gateway.

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