Finding a DNS registrar

A few years ago I started the process of migrating my domainnames from GoDaddy to Hover. But Hover does not support the so-called ALIAS records and has made a lot of empty promises regarding when that would happen.

So it’s time to look for a new registrar. But who to pick? The three recommendations I got are:

  1. Amazon Route 53
  2. Namecheap
  3. DNSimple

My requirements:

  1. They should allow me to register new domains as well as use their DNS for existing domains.
  2. Support ALIAS records.
  3. Support email forwarding.
  4. Support simple URL redirection for some parked domains on a subdomain-level. Sometimes this is called a URL record.

It turns out that Route 53 does not do email forwarding, and URL redirection seems clumsy at best (requires an S3 bucket, nothing fancy).

So my focus is on the last two.

They seem pretty comparable, so it comes down to for me is cost. To calculate this, I have the following fictional setup and calculate the total for it:

  1. 10 Domains total
  2. 5 are .com domains, 2 are .io domains.
  3. I have 3 domains that I use an different registrar for, but I want to use their application to manage the zone. Having everything in one place is nice.
  4. 3 of these domains have 1 email address forwarded.
  5. 3 of these domains simply redirect to a different URL.


Line item Price per year
5 .com $ 53.45
2 .io $ 65.76
DNS zone hosting free
Email forwarding free
URL forwarding free

Total : $ 119.21


Line item Price per year
5 .com $ 70.00
2 .io $ 100.00
DNS zone hosting $ 90.00
Email forwarding $ 72.00
URL forwarding free

Total : $ 332


Just based on this, namecheap wins by a large margin.

Did I miss anything? Have others to add? Comment here, or better yet: edit this page to make additions or corrections.