Ketting 2.0 release

Being fresh out of a job, I had some time to work on a new release of the Ketting library.

The Ketting library is meant to be a generic HATEOAS library for Javascript using a simple, modern API. Currently it only supports the HAL and HTML formats, but I’m curious what other formats folks are interested to see support for.

An example:

const ketting = new Ketting('');
const author = await ketting.follow('author');
console.log(await author.get());

For the 2.0 release, the biggest change I’ve made is that everything is now converted to TypeScript. TypeScript is so great, I can’t really imagine writing any serious javascript without it anymore.

Most of the sources are also upgraded to use modern javascript features, such as async/await, for...of loops and const/let instead of var.

A small bonus feature is the addition of the .patch() method on resoures, which provides a pretty rudimentary shortcut to doing PATCH request. I kept it extremely basic, because I wanted to figure out first how users like to use this feature first before over-engineering it.

Interested? Go check out the project and documentation on Github, or go download it off

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