Looking back at 2015 using Markov chains

PHP got support PHP Documentor has a new ‘query resource’ and can generally depend on.

The difference is really have had to change that leaked a developer am not brand new, and responses and Slack for my palms, compared to send and it also follows the extra asterisk is Empathy, and ‘type’. Implementors a (foreach) loop behave mostly works for application that does HTTP/2, and the Dropbox

yield $this->mapToObject($record);
  • @category Music
  • Adds a single response), and GTK (Gnome/Unity) frontend.

I’m now and instead open protocols. On windows inside the past I’ve been using POST query is the following HTML ‘as a function getSongs()

  • @throws Sabre_MusicPlayer_DrmException
  • Some of a document, make your “peak memory usage” is awesome now pretty comparable, so I made.

I would love to see that are a bit more DATA frames with an example of attributes to do:


$response = [


A few things you should know:

HTTP/2 is created, they follow these instructions to fix myself. We’ll see!

  1. The main development machine, so instead I had to HTTP/2 does not wish the semantic meaning of the things like my chest.

If anything, it more than opening it bootable.

I was the LibreOffice format. It might have been the previous URIs, and look a wider range of poor fit. In HTTP/1.1 was extremely excited to another.

My goal is bad. It really cool. The PUSH_PROMISE is a hint the <link> and to look for architectural inspiration when it’s possible to me. Realistically I doubt I think the official list of operations I can financially justify replacing my desktop machine, so instead I use the former, you feed may want to work of a developer that it to using it and you’ll feel you should just send back the exact opposite of these days of attributes that the [2KB and the other hand this part for instance, I dropped PHP 4.0, so 2016 will still support HTTP/2 can do a bit of your API design.

In the lesson I had to specify 0 problems. All this picture you like it would not need to have more subtle for a lot of adding it to HTML link:

<link href="/evert.html" rel="author" template="{lastname}/{firstname}/" />

Lastly, XRD document is explain that for every year old Macbook air - A "link"
connects one place to those. If the functions, they should be sent 'interleaved' by Ubuntu"    "invoice": { "rel": ["self"], "href": "" }

The rel is omitted, it would otherwise only alowed GET.

Is this means that document.

  • method on a grudge too, as HTTP/1.1 200 I tried that reading and type property.

SIREN refers to describe a hyperlink:


interface Link   /**
         read about a bit of excited about URI's for HiDPI or there yet, so far, then yes this API will be to be used to KDE

In the target of
the argument doesn't for these requests are already established that dealing with you parse everything has an application (such as an error.
Switching to receive the copyright years from last year |
| 2 .io    * @example ../examples/player.php
 * @access public

Are these interfaces might be found
[in the resource and receive the Web!
2. Resources in the result here.

      inferred from XML namespace) to turn it
into an object.

Things like pebbles`, but at least it can effectively be specified as lowercase. HTTP/1.1 headers can both only do the picture, but I'd like
my laptop originally came to for PSR-7 philosophy, this myself (6 years ago I feel more people adding it turns out, my white macbook air.

Also got support HTTP/2, they wish
      function setResponse();



Although if you a friendlier API, and values information about SPDY, but this blog was two-fold: The profile property is that improve speed when I feel that has a while keeping creative freedom with free * @licence BSD License (4 Clause) }

    alive. 8. The `PRIORITY` frame and instead which is how templates work and there were made.

This can effectively allowing implementors to both the relevant hypermedia specifications that it works well defined in time” has all songs home the process and responses and has been able to see that represent specific results. Even though it’s not particularly easy though. Tinkering is required! You’re not allow you ask a link, you by referring to rethink large portion of the start, as meaningless. This is at a conference, and turns it appears.

A PHP to move on a flat array {

      <name>John Doe</name>

        "status": "shipped",
      "self": { "rel": ["self"], "href": "/warehouse/56" },
       "_links": {
      <content>Fuzzy Pickles</content>

    $reader = $this->mapToObject($record);

         public properties come a list of design flaw with it. For example, the earlier "view" code samples, representing
    a class you develop HTTP-based applications, Java and new format. In the `callable` typehint, or server)
    | Siren  |
    | ----------------------------- | Price per client, and 'bypass' the normal way.
    * `hreflang` and the target of
    the macbook air.

    Also got the Apple has all source library.

    Yup! Yet another JSON format. In that XRD file might have
    written a function _secret()
      someone who only really cool. Currently we now I'm worried I wish to
                 70.00     "href" : "/favicon.ico"}

Links in HTML or interface, now it’s likely to call the abstract data being the slightly more than once the SHIFT-ALT-F12 var $id;

you may be considered part of these objects. There’s currently no calendar application more than OS X release schedule of these screens are nice, but for the popular password management application and not a single response), and have no public, private and Response objects not need to perform these tasks. For HTTPS, this type of relationship type between two resources. This was a new bit like others and cons for Linux” private function like our getArticles to skip a network round-trip.

In addition to PSR-4.

  • Really went on ‘current’ hardware, which means that I feel this instead.

Switching to upgrade.

  1. I’d like my laptop to get a Laptop that’s increased quite large. If large PHP framework authors are still pretty much larger profile.

XPS 13 as elegant as $article)


  public $title;
  * @param int[]
 * IANA registry at:
       vanity. It causes a simple keyword, such as it to `php://output`
or even requested them.

In the other problems. I would make it defaults to KDE

In the most of these objects. By adding it actually quite a lot has to switch to how easy though. Tinkering is required! You’re not need to a long way. The model

By the <head> of a new laptop was no super soft on the request is not immutable. This poses bigger problems, because it meant it’s time between two resources. This means that your XML document all you so’ when making many fragement (#).

  • rel and https:// urls.

If a destination URI.

  1. A non-exhaustive list:
  • media and cannot just a list of default modules containing API’s that the advertised 11, but I’m starting to an empty string. $request->getBody()->getContents();

In short or name property, but the <link> element in many programming languages.

But it’s not valid xml document:


$input = $response->withHeader('X-Powered-By', 'Captain Planet');


The difference between two yellowed 15” CRT monitors.

  • Basically this was a in this instead.

Switching to HTTP/2:

A lot longer do you to write the same way.

It would happen.

So it’s become more than it comes down the body, even consider this job herding cats with their primary reason the link interface should start to links, effectively allowing POST requests for http responses and it actually shorter, and responses are allowed here, and frame may give some information about how many people run into

when developing RESTful webservices. How do a work with HTTP/1.1 request body

Whenever this hint that will allow you do believe that Linux box. Or

| No  $callBack();



All these issues.

  1. HiDPI, while with the name (in guzzle for people were so far, then I’ve looked like a different encoding of a single response), and extract for the song x times “properties” : “text/css” }, }
  • @package Sabre_MusicPlayer
  • used to write down F5 button on endpoints

that traditionally only interacts with full advantage of your search queries.

It seemed like this:

<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?>
<XRD xmlns=''>

 <Property type=''>Evert Pot</Property>

 <Link rel='stylesheet' href='' type="text/css" />


And it’s not fun to use. This habit stuck

  • Returns a client responses and instead of strings.

Element classes and more been finalized and parse an application’, but for skype that I’ll be a security-related topic, probably be passed to simplexml because there’s a copyright link in userland, or Collection+JSON, you to design pattern has changed in one relationship in comparing uris.

  • normalize function setRequest();
  { "rel": ["self"], "href": "" }

The rel attribute instead get prefixed with Kontact. It’s long overdue and how forward looking for.

It’s also extends the technically superior, and will turn it in that rule.

  1. HTTP/2 encodes HTTP client has a better way to PHP, but it must be sent in 2006 I feel like Ubuntu image.
  2. Creating a sort of ‘hypermedia’-focussed router/repository type of bugs as well without ‘working around’ how large requests
    • use a binary encoding.

HTTP/2 still use for hardware that is pretty close to the WebFinger protocol.

One small set of of people understand the | | Email forwarding | | HAL confuses them off. In that I always has been convenience. Mac, unlike video formats, which means that will make my blog was dead again, it in the following:


$service = $oldRequest->withHeader('X-Powered-By', 'Don Cheadle');

// Request and die again in the day. There's a class and rfc for every argument. Now I've now apparently!) and a
client can deal with nghttp2 by design. Unlike
the DOM, you an application load time. Every message
that's currently no easy and `https://` urls.

If a key-value array.
* `Sabre\Xml\Element\Elements` discards element appears
in the main development in the rest will suffice to automatically signals the result in which implements the ultimate client already established that this new song x times
  // Change the minimum version, I might need to
optmize for requests on the playlist
         request body instantly emits the protocol since 1999, which means that calls the placement of
the camera. Instead of HTTP/2-related tools.
* [How speedy is removed.
3. A to writing deserializer classes, or `abstract`. Any value that even in the
[html 1.2][1] draft. That means that the
switch itself also gets its relationship type |
| Siren           *
   "invoice": { "href": "" },
 * @author Evert Pot <???>
 * @package Sabre_MusicPlayer
      private properties. It will actually not a [PHP version][3] that I feel like this:


$fifthArticle = [];
     <title>Hello world</title>



All these relatively simple methods need more, you can’t or long-term project, perhaps you can deal with 5 are multiple requests and not do this, all source here) and more correspond to apply functional programming concepts to change that it might be installed with:

First PHP conference I have never request object, and I feel like a bunch of functionality that the box.

Unfortunately setting up an array:


$array = $this->mapToObject($record);

      $result = $service->writeValueObject($feed);


The above blog post was automatically generated using a Markov chain. This concept allows you to generate random english text using a very simple statistical analysis. For its input, I simply used all my blog posts from 2015.

I ran the script a few times until I got a reasonable one, and then I only altered the text to ensure that the entire thing is valid Markdown.

If you want to give this a shot yourself, you can find the source here.

If you want to know more about Markov chains, check out this video on Khan Academy and for another example of this, check out the “Subreddit simulator” on reddit.

Happy new year!

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    Nice post,
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    I never heard about Markov chains. But I will check it out. :)